July 6, 2020

Indian Coast Guard ready to undertake SAR and Relief Operations – Super Cyclone Amphan



New Delhi. Indian Coast Guard is ready in all respects to undertake Search & Rescue and Relief operations in the aftermath of the Super Cyclone Amphan. ICG has deployed about six ships and two Dornier aircraft every day since 16 May 20 on the eastern seaboard to issue warnings in vernacular language to the fishermen and mariners at sea of the impending adverse weather condition due to the passage of ‘Amphan’ and requesting them to return to nearest ports for safety. The ICG has so far escorted more than 300 fishing boats operating at sea to nearest ports and no Merchant vessel at Port anchorages along the path of the cyclone.


Indian Coast Guard commenced its pre-emptive actions with the issuance of warning by IMD about formation of low pressure over the south east Bay of Bengal. ICG issued advisories to the local administration, fisheries and fishermen association about the formation of the low pressure and to advise the fishermen not to venture out to sea till the passage of the cyclone. In addition, Ports were requested to shift the vessels at anchorage to safer locations well before the arrival of the cyclone. In order to ensure that ‘No Life and property is lost at Sea’, Indian Coast Guard has been deploying its assets to issue warnings to the fishermen to return to nearest harbour. Further, Navtex warnings and International safety Net (ISN) has been activated 6 hourly to request the merchant vessels transiting the area to advise the fishermen to return to harbor.


20 Disaster Relief Teams (DRT) with inflatable boats, Life buoys and lifejackets has been kept standby by the ICG all along the East Coast for undertaking Disaster response operations. Medical teams & ambulances have also been kept standby for mobilisation.

Five ICG ships and aircraft have been kept standby at Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for Search and rescue operation post passage of the cyclone.

The pre-emptive actions initated by the ICG has ensured that there has been no loss of lives during the passage of cyclones in the year 2019. ICG, true to its motto ‘Vyam Rakshamah’ meaning “We Protect” has saved more than 400 lives at sea, 4500 lives as part of assistance rendered to Civil authorities in the year 2019 alone.

ICG remains committed to ensure ‘Safe, secure and clean seas’ around the Indian subcontinent.


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